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The Proxy Bride of the Billionaire Chapter 2765 – XH Tales
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Chapter 2765

“Master, I heard today Anu has attracted the attention of Western master, as this woman is a scourge skittish, as soon as she goes out, the better that be.”

The maids said bad things about Jolie to death, and she got more and more excited.

Eleven looked at these maids coldly, and said something in his heart—idiots!

Liam raised his sword eyebrows and got a little bit of interest. “Since she is so bad, wouldn’t it be cheaper to kick her out like this?” The maids almost gave Liam a thumbs up, the so-called heroes. Seeing the same, the master is so wise and mighty!

“Master, that’s right, if you drive her out like this, she will still harm the world, and you must punish her severely.”

“I think her biggest reliance is her beautiful face, Master, it’s better to put her face away. Destroy it so that she won’t be able to s3duce men anymore.”

“By the way, Anu seems to be unmarried, so it’s better to do it to the end, and give her a reward for marriage, let her marry a spoiler, and discipline her well!”

Eleven thought in his heart—have seen stupid ones, but they have never seen such stupid ones. They must be bored with their lives.

As a confidant, he didn’t dare to attack Jolie like this, these maids were really not afraid of death.

“Heh,” Liam smiled casually, “Yes, you are very considerate.”

The maids who were praised immediately became excited , “Master, it is our honor to help you solve problems.”

“Okay.” Liam nodded, and then looked at Eleven, “Did you hear everything they said just now?”

Eleven nodded, “Listened clearly.”

“Then take them all down, destroy their faces first, and then Choose their long-awaited poppi rogue and let them marry, so that they can live their ideal lives.”

“Yes, master.” When Eleven gestured a few sturdy bodyguards walked in and grabbed the maids.

The complexions of these maids all changed, they looked at Liam incredible, “Master, are you mistaken, we are talking about Anu, not us.”

Liam curled his lips. “But, I want to punish you.”


“Do you have an opinion? That’s OK, don’t marry a spoiler, I think… the red light district is more suitable for you!”

“Master !” , I don’t want it, please forgive me!” Several maids suddenly felt that they had been thrown into hell from the sky, how could they think that the “beautiful life” they conceived for Jolie would actually fall to them. On top of their head, no!

There was no smile in Liam’s eyes. “Drag them down, it’s really noisy!” The bodyguards quickly grabbed the maids. Mouths covered and dragged away like garbage.

The study became quiet, and Liam’s handsome face was covered with a cold haze.

“Master,” Eleven whispered at this time, “I didn’t expect the young master of the Western Regions to have a crush on Jolie. The young master of the Western Regions has the heart pill we want in his hands. That’s fine, it’s better… Send Jolie to the Young Master of the Western Regions, and let him give out the heart pill.”

Liam didn’t speak, but he glanced at Eleven, his eyes were very cold.

Eleven could not help but shudder, but he bit the bullet and continued, “Master, it is related to your body and is very important, and Jolie has betrayed you a long time ago. It is not worth it for such a woman.”

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